"Barred Window Abstract"

"Number 424"

"Shadows & Rails, L.A."

"Morelia, Mexico"

"Structural Memory, L.A."

"Pink Wall with Fire Escape, Toronto

"Keep Out, Mexico City"

"L.A. Warehouse"

"Refection, L.A."

"Squares, Mexico"

"Ribbons" L.A.

"Zocolo Streetscape, Mexico City

Small Title

"Hotel Rosslyn, L.A."

Small Title

"Security, L.A."

Small Title

"L.A. Apartments"

Small Title

"Broken door, with Lights, Toronto

Cracked Wall, Turkey

Small Title

"Broken Window with Leaves, Toronto

"Ups and Downs, L.A."

"Blue and Yellow Wall" San Miguel

"San Miguel Shop"

"Two Doors" Mexico City

"Two Toned"  L.A.


""San Angel" Mexico City

"Scaffolding" Mexixo City

"Riverboat" Sacramento CA

"Escher, Again" SF

"Public Parking" CDMX

"Between the Pillars" LA

"Relections of Gaudi" SF

"West Adam St." LA

"Wall Study" Puebla, Mx

"Rainbow Village" Mx

"LA Bridge"

"Blue Alley" San Miguel Mx

"Kensington Market" Toronto

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