The Arquimedes Project started in 2010 and is comprised of images taken from a wall covered in posters and ads from end to end found at the intersection of Arquimedes and Ejercito Nationale in Mexico City. I would visit the wall pretty regularly over a 6 year period as it changed almost daily and as imaged developed "atmospherically" through exposure to sun, rain, wind and the addition of new material. Alas, the project appears to be finished as the last three visits to Mexico the wall is pristine white, all posters and ads long gone and, miraculously, not replaced.




"Her Face"

"Jungle Love"






"Actuales Human"


"Guitar Power"

"Liverpool" cdmx

"Enero" cdmx

"Study in Yellow and Green" cdmx

"Abstract 2B" cdmx

"Nueva York" cdmx

"REE" cdmx


"Creation" cdmx

"Evento Finale" Mx

"Big B"  Mx

"Evening with Santana" Mx 

"!! Buenos Dias" Mx

"Los Incendios" Mx

"Servo Salon" Mx

"Ciudad" Mx

"The Red. White, & Blue" LA

"Soaring" Mx

"Vendedor F" Mx

"Duster" Mx

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