Pole Art Gallery

"Woman Emerging"


"Big Bad Wolf"

"Mexico de Amor"



"Red Shadow"

"Diagonal Blues"

"Ex Wonda"


"LaDi Dah!"


"La Barbie"


"The Blonde"

"Visions of Salt"

"Without Limits"

"Dos Hombres"



"Words, Thoughts. Boletos"


"Two Guys"

"Music Fest"

"Black Hats"

"Global Faces"



"Zeta Bot"

"Saturday Night Fever"

"I Hate Everything"

"Singular Vision"

"The Dead King


"Black Star" Mx

"Big Ink" Toronto

"Five Hands Clapping" Mx

"Angry Clown" Mx

"La Pluma"

"Auditorio Alien" Mx

Small Title

"Last Man Standing" Mx

"Tape Delayed" Ottawa

"The Blue Demon" Mx

"Tao" Mx

The Skinny Title

"Cyclops" Mx

"Oleo" Mx


"And Viernes" Mx

"Solicit" Mx

"Converse" Ottawa

Small Title

"ECO Man" Mx

"On Air" Mx

"To Be Human" Mx

"Two, With Buckle" Mx

"Hair" Mx

"To Err Is Human" MX

"Broadcasting Web" Mx

"C Jam Blues" Mx

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