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The Archimedes Project is done but on a recent visit to Mexico City, I found a new wall. The images on this page are from this wall, with more to come!

Drake Scorpion.jpg
Drake Undercover.jpg
Drake Layered.jpg
Drake Split Portrait.jpg

The above four images of Canadian rapper Drake were all found on the same wall, presumably advertising his album Scorpion

The Tracks of My Tears.jpg

"Tracks of my Tears"

Una Pelicula.jpg

            "Una Pelicula"

The Wicked Witch Profile.jpg

             "The Wicked Witch"

Sea Shell.jpg

             "Sea Shell"

Film Club.jpg

                "Film Club"



'La Griega"



Mundo Joven Fest.jpg

"Mundo Joven Fest" Mx

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